Christopher Hans Enderle




Eagle Summoner

A Puzzle/RPG hybrid. Think Puzzle Quest.

After the successful completion of My Spanish/French Coach, two coworkers, Peter Anderson and Niel Westover, began development of the prototype to this game. Upon completion of the prototype I involved myself in the creative process and began exploring puzzle designs and game play concepts. The prototype was shown to the company committee who received it favorably and green lit its development. While the game's primary focus was always on puzzles, various other features, such as minigames and RPG elements, were explored for game play purposes. Playable demo on DS emulator available upon request.

Eagle Summoner DS Screens Eagle Summoner Wii Title Screen
Art by Jess Ung.

We also began development on a Wii verison using Sensory Sweep's proprietary Dreamfuel engine.
Eagle Summoner Wii Large Level Eagle Summoner Wii Small Level

Eagle Flock GDD
World/Level/Puzzle Pacing
NPC Dialog
RPG-centric Minigames
Overworld Functionality
Abilities and Items
Paired down Item list
Tutorial Text
Puzzle Difficulty calculations
NPC Text Box Asset List
Art Asset List
Audio Asset List
Implemented UI
Unimplemented UI