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Coming Home

“It’s been a while, since we’ve seen you in these parts.” The old woman didn’t look up from her glass, rolling a couple of ice cubes in what remained of her whiskey. “Meema?” Clementine’s face lit up at the familiar voice, she turned and rushed over, embracing the old woman tightly from behind. “I’m sorry […]

Golden Land

The holy man came out of the orchard, a golden apple cradled against his chest. “See what has finally sprung up from this hallowed earth. The trees have long known what lies in the depths beneath us. Their roots have grown deep and they have found the salvation we were promised.” Onlookers were in awe, […]


The aisle seemed to stretch for infinity. Staring down it, his eyes burned in the harsh artificial light. The visual noise of all the labels blending together like a nauseous fractal. The path was narrower than usual, the whole store seemed to be in disarray, actually. A result of the construction going on. Why was […]

Searching For Something?

The lamp flickered erratically as she jerked it from one nook to the other. Panic had begun to stir deep within. Like a siren seeking to lull a waking giant back to sleep, she let out her frustration in a throaty growl. It was time to refocus, to not lose sight, of what was most […]

In Space

It was another day on hull maintenance. Turned away from the sun, the only illumination came from her helmet’s floodlight. It did the job, but Jen couldn’t shake the anxiousness of the oppressive darkness that surrounded her. The job had almost become routine. A cloud of micro meteors had moved into the same orbit as […]

Daily Writing Exercise

I haven’t had the opportunity to do much creative writing at work the last few years, and I’ve finally reached the point where I would really like to just write again. I’ve decided to make sure I make the time each day to write for at least half an hour. No real rules besides to […]

Wake Up?

Woke up, looked around. The light showed me the darkness.

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