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The Dais

He brushed away at the tablets, slowly revealing the ancient etchings. The heat was unbearable and dehydration was creeping through his body, but there was no time to spare. He was meant to be gathering the last of his belongings. The camp was to be evacuated by sundown, but he couldn’t abandon his research now. […]

Mystery Legends Beauty and the Beast

Our latest hidden object adventure game has finally released! Check it out, as some say it’s even better than Phantom of the Opera. Once again I did extensive work on the writing in this game (moreso on the in-game text and dialog, as opposed to mainly just writing the cutscene dialog for Phantom). As I […]

The Future Of Our Virtual Workspace

Ommwriter opens a window to what is possible when virtual reality is seamlessly meshed with productivity technology.

The Phaaaaaantom of the Opera is here!

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