Coming Home

“It’s been a while, since we’ve seen you in these parts.” The old woman didn’t look up from her glass, rolling a couple of ice cubes in what remained of her whiskey.

“Meema?” Clementine’s face lit up at the familiar voice, she turned and rushed over, embracing the old woman tightly from behind. “I’m sorry it’s been so long. I’ve missed you all so much.” She had a thousand excuses on the tip of her tongue, a thousand stories to tell, but none of that mattered. She was back with her family and things would continue on right where they left off.

“Oh, why don’t you take a seat, hun?”

Clementine plopped down in the chair next to Meema, “Whew, well I could sure use a drink.” The bartender had been staring at the reunion, slightly puzzled. Her eyes darted toward him, catching his before he could look away. “Cold water, please”, she yelled out and with a nod he went for the cooler.

“We should have something a bit more to celebrate, if you staying long enough,” Meema gave Clementine a pained grin, hopeful but fearing the worst.

“Oh ya, I’ll be here a while now. We’ve been on the move all day, ran out of water a few miles back. I’m parched something fierce.”

“You traveling with someone?”

“Ya,” Clemetine grinned. The lack of elucidation stocked Meema’s curiosity.

“Dangerous to run out of water in these temperatures.”

Their conversation took a pause as the bartender swept by, delivering a tall frosted glass of ice cold water, and picking up Meema’s empty tumbler. With him out of earshot, Clementine continued in a more hushed tone, “Ya, we ran into some trouble, well, we were just trying to avoid the trouble… might not have even been any real trouble, but we kind of hoped to keep a low profile coming in, so we left our supplies behind the wall. It was a straight shoot from there to here, though! Pretty easy when you’re traveling light and got something to look forward to.” She took a great big swig of her glass.

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