Searching For Something?

The lamp flickered erratically as she jerked it from one nook to the other. Panic had begun to stir deep within. Like a siren seeking to lull a waking giant back to sleep, she let out her frustration in a throaty growl. It was time to refocus, to not lose sight, of what was most important.

There had to be something down here. She knew it. Why else would anyone have been guarding the entrance? People didn’t live in caves unless they had something to hide. Everyone knew that. At the very least they may have been wanted criminals. Too many heads to take for the bounty, though. Perhaps she’d only take the biggest one. That had to be the leader. He was probably worth the most.

It was a shame she hadn’t been to town in so long. The locals didn’t really agree with her. She found them too judgmental. If you couldn’t do things their way, you were better off doing nothing. Plus they were lazy. Day or night, she would do what needed to be done. That was only right. There was so much that needed to be done, but there was never enough time.

The time! Already she had spent too much time here, and there. There was nothing in the cave worth taking. The fools had died for nothing. They tricked her and wasted her precious time. Obviously their fates were deserved. What kind of people wasted another person’s time?

Back at the cave entrance, she paused to let her sight adjust. Her eyes burned in the light, but she would not back down from the pain, would not allow herself to squint one iota. She would stand firm, eyes wide open, gazing upon the grossly incandescent world. A snap rang out from the depths behind her. She took a step forward to steady herself against the impact of the arrow now lodged in her back. Seemed that someone had survived.

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