Desert Mountain Mines (Little Big Planet)

So I’ve finally finished my second Little Big Planet level. Check out Desert Mountain Mines. Being able to take my experiences from making the first level, Light Travel, was a huge help and I think there’s a notable difference and improvement between the two. It’s a bit harder, a bit more linear (not completely, though, don’t be shy about poking around every nook and cranny), but overall a much more concerted and integrated experience.

From a creative perspective this level was much easier to execute. I planned it all in advance (check out my notes and drafts of ideas at the levels web page) and, while there was basically a complete overhaul of the idea at the beginning of building the level, after that shift things staid on track for the most part. I couldn’t get in everything I had planned (my level overheated!) but it’s always nice to have ideas left over to use for the next level!

This level had its fair share of complex contraptions. Planning out the order of operations and the different tools the game has available took a good deal of ingenuity, patience, and research, but for the most part I was able to get everything in and working the way I envisioned. The LBP community is pretty smart, so there’s always resources to look at for crazy circuitry. Even if they don’t have exactly what you need it’s a great place for ideas and inspiration.

Once again, please check out Desert Mountain Mines. I hope you enjoy it. Any feedback is most welcomed. Have fun!

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