Light Travel in Little Big Planet

So, after a while of working on it in my spare time I’ve finally finished my first Little Big Planet level! My primary goal with Light Travel was to establish an environment as forgiving as possible, for players whose friends might not be as adept at such games. As such it provides several paths to completion, should any jump be missed or swing come short. Of course, for the more pro players there are some more challenging sequences and hidden rewards

Being my first level it was a bit of a learning process, some of it might still be apparent in the level and not all ideas that came up made it in. I definitely wanted to try out as much as I could in this level and I dear it might suffer from the variety. I generally like to keep things simple and focused. That will be my general philosophy heading into the next level I make.

I hope everyone enjoys Light Travel. Look it up by that name or my username, Chetim.

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